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Winsteel designs and Supplies the Formworks, Falseworks and Moulds for various Precast Elements and Cast in Situ Elements. Winsteel’s range of products includes Pilecap Formworks, Pier Formworks (Self Supporting/with or without Tie rods), Cast in Situ Piercap Formworks, Precast Piercap Moulds, Moulds for I-Girder, U-Girder, Pi-Girder, T-Girder, Box Girder, Parapet Moulds, Guideway Beams etc. Box Girder Moulds or Segment Moulds for Full Span, Long line Method or Short line method for casting Single, Double or Triple Box Girder. Winsteel Moulds/Formworks and Falseworks are designed and manufactured on the principle of cost-effectiveness, easy to operate and Rigid Design.

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